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A Word From Pastor

Hello Templelights, friends and visitors,

It is with joy in my heart to report we

  • Provided toys, clothes, shoes, Tablets, other electronics, scooters and more to over 210 children total.

  • Served 65 families by providing wireless computer keyboards (to parents in school working towards their degree), sheets, blankets, quilts, dishes, curtains, pillows and more.

  • Provided prayer to each family before leaving, keeping God first and thanking Him for His grace, provision and protection.

We served over 65 families & 200 children.

Jesus' birth was God's way of meeting us where we were. Jesus left the comfort of being with His Father, to join us here on earth where He would be loved by some but hated by others.

He came to earth humbly as a servant, a great example of how we are to love and serve our communities humbly.

Regardless of the reception, we are called to love each person unconditionally — just as Jesus did.

Jesus came to give each of us an opportunity to have a relationship with His Father. By loving and serving humbly and unconditionally, we often have a platform to point people to the hope and saving grace of Jesus. It is about serving and building God's Kingdom.

Thank each of YOU for your obedience to God's assignment for us.

Thank you for making yourself available so that our community can experience God's love through you, just as we experienced God's love through Jesus many years ago!

Let's continue to move UpWard & ForWard! God Bless each of you and I pray you have a blessed and prosperous week.

Pastor Sampson Jr.

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Thank you, Pastor for the thought of serving the community.



You are a wonderful person and pastor! God Bless you

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